Monday, December 1, 2014


In order to change you have to get out of the routine, even if the routine is finding ways to avoid pain. I avoid everything in life to not have pain. Needles, deadlines, drunk drivers, the list goes on. I neglected to list things like, learning how to... The things I don't list are due to internal fallacious thinking. I have a bad habit of "I won't do anything unless I can do it perfect!" moments which are followed by "I'll try for awhile just to prove to myself..." and that brings me to Blogmas.
I don't really care for this time of year. I'm in a deep valley and it seems that this has been for some time. Almost a decade in fact! I have tried plenty of things, jobs, university credentials, hobbies, crafts, volunteering, making friends and every single one has been an #epicfail.
But, I don't blog for people, I blog because I don't speak well and my writing needs to improve. I was told I needed to write without ceasing for no less than 20 minutes every day. Well, I'm not succeeding at that either so, back on the horse.
I will give the final month of the year the best and most dedicated 20 minutes until 2015.
I will find a theme and that will be what my post will be about....


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