Monday, May 24, 2010

Dear Target, Payless and others...

Yep!  I am so tired of how companies are advertising their "amazing" designer products, only to have this item is currently out of stock!!! I "get" that you're collaborating with high end designers in an effort to allow us beer budget fashionistas a shot at "brand names."  I don't understand the point of having some of the largest vloggers/bloggers/You Tubers, etc. promote your products if you don't plan to have enough merchandise for at least half of their followers/subscribers, etc.  You apparently want to reach a large audience with little or no costs for advertising compared to adverts in magazines, commercials and so on.  I blogged about how MAC does this.  It's the scarcity factor.  You hype something up, leak swatches, and items to certain Internet celebs, then you slap the word "limited edition" which makes people want it more, "just in case."  Which does three things. 
  1. Creates a frenzy of people who are giving their first born for something they don't need or already have.
  2. Drives the price for the item up on ebay for a ridiculous price. (You could buy an original for the same $$$)
  3. Frustrates consumers who want to purchase the products locally, only to find out after driving hours to various stores that only a few were sent and the rest would be available on line.  Which means.
  4. Item is currently out of stock!  Contact stores for availability.
This has happened to me twice which is two times too many. First I read a popular blog and saw these:

Cynthia Vincent for Target

Lovely aren't they?  Well, back in April, I was on a wild goose chase thanks to Target's sucky website which told me there was "limited availability" in a few stores in my vicinity.  Great right? Wrong!  Not one store had ANY C.V. shoes.  None at all.  They aren't amazing.  But, for me, I was in a spring mood, wanted to incorporate yellow into my wardrobe, and it was my mum's favorite color.  I don't like wedges that have the cork around it, nor do I like the thread ones so this would suit me perfectly.  The stores near me never received these at all.  They eventually got sandals, but not wedges.  Thanks Target, Cheers very much!

Then, I saw another You Tuber/blogger showcasing another designer collaboration, this time Payless Shoe Source.  I had never bought from them because my mum has this thing about inexpensive shoes leading to hammertoes, bunions and a bad back.  I remember Starr Jones having something to do with them and, more recently, Christian Siriano

not bad for Payless?

This is an Alice and Olivia inspired collaboration, and I find these shoes to be so cute.  After church and before visiting my father, I scooped up the dog and hit a few of the stores nearby.  First store, the clerk new nothing, but in her defense, they had no advertising about, such as posters, displays, etc.  So, I went to a mall store, if it's in the mall, the odds are they are more likely carrying them, or have knowledge.  No joy!  What?  The girl was kind enough to make a call and tells me:  "Designer inspired shoes aren't carried here, but you can order online."  She smiled, and rather than punch her, I asked where they were.  She shrugged, and said "Not in stores unless you want to drive to San Diego."  She couldn't guarantee they would be there, but that is the closest store who "sometimes" gets the designer stock.  Great...

So, in the stores defense, I can buy online.  Many people do since they live in remote areas.  Unfortunately, online shopping is fucking ridiculous.  I cannot see what I'm buying up close.  I like to look at the details, the very fine details in how merchandise is put together.  Anything can look good online, but up close you can see the way something is put together, feel the material and determine the investment.  What some people like or find acceptable others may not, (i.e. Hot Miami Styles). 

I get that business is business, but gas prices are shooting up and there is no sign of it slowing down.  I don't find it fun to spend an afternoon driving from store to store.  Don't even start on public transportation.  Is it too much to ask that companies make enough of an item they know will be well sought after?  The mark up they get is insane!  Do you think it's costing them the same price to make they charge to sell?  Of course not!  How does it feel for us to be like rabbits having carrots hanging above our head as we watch videos, read blogs and scour the Internet looking at products given to a chosen few?  Is my money not they same as the selected few?  If it's because the people you are "gifting" have a huge market for you, then why not accommodate forthcoming sales.  I guess there are places like F21 and Sheikh ready to pick up the fall out and have a dupe ready and in stock. 

P.S.  After contacting some of the owners of said shoes I've learnt they were rather cheap looking and are in fact made with poor craftsmanship.  Karma?

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