Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fabulous Finds for Frugal Fashionistas!

Thank God for sucky days!  Today, I woke up at half one o'clock.  Talk about unproductive.  The day before, I was on a roll, cleaning, cooking, organizing, etc. then I sleep my Saturday away... By the time I did laundry, it was evening as I showered and took the dog out.  Here I am watching J. Bieber with Tina Fey on SNL feeling bad about my weekend.  I do have a good deal to write about...Behold!!!

 This made my whole weekend!!! I am getting into falsies, as I try out this generic version of Latisse (I'll report my results, if any).  Since I'm preserving my lashes, no Castor oil, no other lash serums, I'm using falsies in place of mascara.  Here's to hoping these falsies actually work. 

They are very natural looking for false lashes.  I found them at the .99 cents store and am so proud of myself.  They came in various styles, lengths and I'm so excited in playing with them.  These are as good as my expensive ones.  I buy the Red Cherry ones, and these are better!  I also, tried the NYX one's recently; however, they are a bit flimsy so I can layer them with these lovelies.  I  love finding deals.  It's bitter sweet.  Having no friends makes me wish I had someone to share my treasures with, but maybe someone can find these as a result of reading this.  I hate that we see all these people who seem unaffected by the economy, whilst others struggle to search for a job.  Not to mention that nasty oil spill, gee whiz are things bad on the coast.  Makeup makes us feel good, and when you look and feel good, you're sure to shine. 
If you aren't fortunate to have this store near you, buddy up and find someone like you and swap!

Blessings to all,

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