Wednesday, May 19, 2010

MAC + Disney = Venomous Villains!

I love teasers...I guess because in high school blokes thought me to be a tease.  I loved to be found attractive, but didn't want to actually "put out."  Some things never change...I digress...Let's get back to the important stuff like beauty, makeup and MAC.  I have been unimpressed with MAC for some time.  I try my best to not be "another one."  Right now, everyone and their dog is talking about this video.  Me?  I'm completely bandwagoning neutral about it, but whenever people start buzzing about a MAC collection I get stupid curious.  I've not written about the Back to the Beach as it would be hypocritical of me.  I am not a fun in the sun kind of girl.  I am with the vampires.  Keep me as far from the sun as possible.  I don't like anything about the sun.  I don't like bikinis (horrified), beaches (sand, dirt, silly drunks and narcissistic girls), or the weather (heatstroke).  I still don't comprehend bronzer on me.  I'm dark already, so why do I need to look like I had some "sun"? I have used it on women who have lighter skin than me, but I've had sun, a good bit of it.
The reason this collection interests me, is an appeal to the villains.  I love naughtiness!  Come on, there are no good girls, just bad girls who got "found out."  I also think MAC can really resurrect their sleeping collections of late with the options for these.  There hasn't been a collection with bold bright colour since "C-Shock" and I still kick myself for sleeping on that one! 

(see the potential?)
I'm thinking they can really do well with the purples on this if they get it right... I see potential for some bright, bold, looks, in reds, teals, blues, purples, orange, yellows, and icy white.  But if MAC does re promotes of : canary yellow, basic red, aquadisiac, gesso, orange, and parfait amour, I will never buy anything from them again.  If the shadows are hit miss in terms of pigmentation? Done!  I don't think they need a "collection" to reformulate their eye shadows pigmentation (matte2, Madame B.).  Just raise your game, like you do the prices.  Better product=more sales and you wouldn't have to keep thinking about innovative limited editions to over hype.  I truly hope MAC goes back to what they were before Estee Lauder, but that's another post all together.  Cheers!


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Just raise your game, like you do the prices. Better product=more sales and you wouldn't have to keep thinking about innovative limited editions to over hype.