Thursday, July 8, 2010

After Artificials

So...after months of wearing falsies, I've succumbed to sporting my nails in their "natural" state.  Yay for finally going natural.  I debated this decision for quite some time.  I read when Lollipop26 had tweeted fake nails were "tacky."  I didn't care she had declared that so many times, and like her, fake nails don't scare me, but I do find the transition annoying.   For instance, I have said a thousand times, "always review your purchases" online and check reviews.  I should re think the stuff I say.  My best reviews left me with an arsenal of products.  Guess what? ..... THEY ALL WORK THE SAME!! The only thing I noticed to differentiate between them is some have a thicker consistency.  To be fair, I plan on using one brand for a week at a time.  I can tell straight away if a nail varnish will live up to the hype within a day, but to be fair, "Operation Rescue Nails" is going to be very thorough. 
My goal is to test all of the products which came highly recommended, then I will post the results.  The price, consistency, length of wear, strength of my nails, all of it.  I want to know if Gelous, is better than Nail Magic.  Is Nail Magic better than Sally Hansen?  This will be fun.  I am not going to use color, I think that will impact the results.  We'll see!  The worst part is getting used to the texture of my nails.  They feel paper thin, even though they don't bend.  It's because there is no shield on top.  The fake nail forced my brain to "believe" that my own nails were stronger, when they really weren't.  I guess looking at those ads with the woman with the lumineer had a bit to do with it.  Reviews, to come?  What do you do?  Start over? Cry?

(I meant business)

If there is one you are particularly curious about, or can vouch for let me know, I'll swap it immediately and proceed to the next round. Have a beautiful day! ♥♥♥


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