Thursday, July 29, 2010

Product Review: Dare to Wear

I have no idea how those bloggers do it.  I had the absolute worst day, and decided to treat myself to this collection.  I budgeted an amount when I first learnt "Going Bananas" was being re promoted.  I really wanted it when it came out in "C-Shock" but it sold out and the only other time was in Manish Aurora and yes, I did buy that palette for G.B. but I haven't used it, it's still in the box.  Unfortunately, I really had to work to capture the color.  I didn't base, or prime my hands.  In fact, I washed them because of the gloss swatches which were a b*tch to clean.  Glitter bomb, but pretty none the less, they are very pretty.  I wasn't really "feeling" MAC but  MAC has been funny with their limited editions.  I don't know if it's supply and demand or the scarcity factor, but they aren't really producing enough of their collection for the mass amount of people ready to buy.  eBay is making a killing, but there used to be a time when you could get an item but now...."up short."
Most of the colors swatched well.  The pictures I took with my cell phone, which isn't and iPhone or anything special, but I did take them in direct light.  I actually followed my own advice and left the store and it felt odd.  Usually, security will follow you if you go in a store and come out without a bag and then return to the store again.
I didn't pick up the red color which is similar to the red I have from Sugar Pill and many other reds, it's not "amazing."  I think my Wales/88 palette is similar.  In addition, the blues are meh, but I'm not good with blue, I liked the look Eve rocked in her C-Shock promotional photo, but .....nah.  I bought the purple, because it swatched lovely, it's matte and I love purple.  It's nothing like the infamous #92 but I haven't found anything similar to that one.  *shrug*  I also bought the green because I returned or sold my Landscape Green pigment.  I am done with minerals and pigments.  I really don't like working with them anymore, and matte's are impossible for me to press.  I passed on the glosses because I don't wear bold, bright, and glittery lips enough to justify this.  In fact, I have a lip gloss from Milani very similar, and if I layer it with Girl About

Town, instant wow factor without glitter.  I'm temporarily on assignment and it's a very conservative environment.  I get enough grief for existing, my style makes them shake their head, and though I'm not insecure, I'd like to finish these 10-12 hour days as quickly as I can.  The red gloss is nice, but again, the glitter doesn't work for me.  I don't club, it is rather "busy" for daytime, and again, I won't reach for this, but if I feel the need for glitter, I can easily make my own and be fine. 
Ugh...I don't know why MAC isn't doing it for me at all.  In fact, I'm more interested in the Urban Decay Neutral Palette than any upcoming collections *hands in MAC club card*  I guess I'm on probation pending further investigation.  It's not the heat, maybe the stress in my life?  Ah well, I'm sure I'll find another vice to obsess on...Shoes!

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