Wednesday, July 7, 2010

OOTD: $8 dollar dresses at the Red Dot Boutique!

How do those fashion bloggers do it?  Seriously, it's easier for me to take photos of intelligent life on Mars, than to get a decent picture of myself. Screw me, this post is all about you! 
Y.O.U. !!!
Ever see those women who have on a cute simple dress and it seems like it's a classy expensive dress.  Not designer (Dior, Cavalli, Herrera) but Macy's or Express.  Well, this was a deal at Target.  It's a good material, not too thin, not heavy, and is lined with satin (great for hot days).  I bought a few of them in different colors.  They are simple, quick and easy to make office appropriate.  With dresses simple, and solid, accessories make all the difference in the world.  Think scarves, statement necklaces and bangles.  The dress is Mossimo, and was on the clearance rack for $8.00 plus tax.  It's perfect for the summer and, if need be, a pair of tights and boots with a jacket and I'm good to go for winter.  Unselfish me, is telling you where the deals are!  Those other girls?  Lies!  They are "programmed" to tell you they bought their outfit somewhere chic, so I'm keeping it 100% and letting you know, I've had meals worth more than this dress at Chipotle.  Don't spend all your hard earned money on expensive stuff knowing your weight will fluctuate just as fast as the trends, these are classics.  Classics are great as they don't go out of style, they're work appropriate and you can add a cardigan, blazer, pashmina or whatever you wish to make the dress suit you during the day, to something daring and sleek for after hours cocktails or a date with a new "friend."
  (brown dress and peep toes)

So, this was not the best outfit of the day, but I don't have someone to follow me in the park and take photos of me striking model poses.  I am an admitted loner, who loves to look pretty.  I am looking for an inexpensive tripod to put somewhere to get decent pics, or I may just hang the bloomin dress and snap away.  For now, this will have to suffice.

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