Friday, July 9, 2010


I hated IMATS always being in Los Angeles with respect to the tour for the USA.  I get that LA holds a large population of industry people and the attendance is always impressive....
BUT, New York is a completely different style than the west coast.  Yay for the laid back, bronzed, beach loving style of our California makeup artists, but can't we mix it up?  I'd like to see the difference in style that New York has to offer, I think it would prove enlightening for all makeup artists and enthusiasts.  Makeup artists aren't compensated a lot in the early years.  Imagine flying all the way to Los Angeles every Spring/Summer (the busiest time) and still have to find hotel accommodations, parking, and money to haul and the issue which always hit can't carry your makeup on the plane, so you have to find a place and have it boxed and shipped to you.  Seriously?  WTF?  Granted, it's only once a year, but that's it.  It's once (1) *Justin Bieber "One Time"* a year.  Well, they can always go to IMATS in Toronto.  Sure, that's no problem, unless you need a passport, those don't take long, and neither do customs. 
To be really honest, it would be nice if IMATS could take it's show on the road.  I'm talking Texas, Florida, Chicago.  Not to mention  the other countries not represented.  I'm smiling at the thought of IMATS in the "Big Easy."  Imagine the work reflected by makeup artists in New Orleans?  That would be so sick.  Well, if you are an early planner you can get your tickets, information and all that other rubbish right here
Hug and Kiss xoxo 

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