Monday, July 12, 2010

Beauty Guru Faux Pas!

I am praying the intent of this post does not get lost in the "personalities" but I have fun with some of the YouTube guru drama.  Why?  It's silly, and since things are so bad in my life, I am entertained when I find that "oh snap gurus are people too!"  I like Kandee, she's fun, inspirational and can whip a look together faster than you can shake a stick.  I don't doubt her talent.  In fact, I don't really watch too many tutorials to replicate looks, rather find reviews, get tips, find out what's new, hits and misses on products, etc.  I would be a hypocrite if I didn't say at times the drama is cruel but the people who are so obsessed with dogging gurus...I'll leave it alone and get to this.  So you see the quick tip re: L'Oreal true match?  Quick video and while it's not the "typical" Kandee video, it's meaning is simple.  Look good, with inexpensive makeup and here is how and why you would also contour your makeup.  Fair enough right? Well, not so much.  You see the bottles she's holding?  Now let's observe what she reaches for....

(hai thur new bottle)

Now before anyone gets all bum hurt, this isn't to disrespect Kandee.  The way I see it, Kandee is thinking "Sure, I'll promote your lousy product, but I ain't about to put that shit stuff on my face!"
I think this made my whole night.  Sadly, she is probably getting comments about selling out, or whatever, but these gurus are genius.  Who wouldn't want to make videos rather than be forced to work and follow protocol at a company?  I couldn't handle the mean comments.  Blogging is easy as it's writing and you can formulate thoughts, post pictures, ramble and network without being constantly bombarded with requests, insults, spam, requests for ________. 
On the other hand, I don't condone when people don't disclaim they are being compensated or have been given a product for review and then the product is the answer to the oil spill in the Gulf.  I find it takes a lot of integrity to be 100% about a product in spite of having said company think they own your channel.
Again, this is not to put anyone down.  I emailed Kandee, tweeted her, but I reckon she sees me the way most viral Internet pseudo-celebs do.  I'm a mere white noise in their stream of chatter.  I'm good with it, but this could go wrong to those who have vested their "faith" in people.  We always come short, but you have to admit, even for a video, the girl is not about to mess up her face ☺

cheers luvs,