Friday, July 16, 2010

Emergencee at a great price with Great Service!

I love love when I get good service.  This place is my new best friend.  I found Ugly N Beauty when my regular distributor flaked on me.  *boo hiss* I have to have Emergencee.  It is one of my "must have" products for my Afro textured hair.  It has been fundamental in my hair journey and, while I could find an alternative it doesn't have the same effect.  It's called Aloxxi now, but my hair reacts the same to this formula and I only see one difference and that is the amount of water in the ingredients.  I don't recommend this product for all hair types, especially fine hair, but if you have long Afro textured hair that tangles easily, this should be in your stash somewhere.  Most etailers sell this one 16.9 oz bottle for $50 or more.  I got two for less than $65 including shipping.  Great price, great service, and fast shipping.  They included beauty products as well.
Sadly, I am not sponsored, nor am I a "common name" in the blogosphere, therefore, when companies give me good service, I'm shouting from the rooftops since it seems you have to "be someone" in order to get good service these days.  I tried to call and thank them, but was too lazy to stay on hold, so I'm posting this instead.  I will do a review of this product in full, and indicate why I love it so much and how I use this.
see how matted? meh!


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