Saturday, November 20, 2010

The biggest lie men tell women right here!

Sexiest Woman 2010 Minka Kelly
I wish I had a coin for each time a male told me, "You look better without all that makeup on." *ding* Lie! STFU! I really hate this lie.  I can handle the "No you are prettier than..." or "You look fine, let's go!" but the makeup bit? LIARS!!
I don't fault them as they have convinced themselves they really, prefer women without makeup. 
So, I wanted to do some investigative work.  I looked at some of the names I cannot get away from in the past week.  They usually find themselves on the glossies at the market, have an album dropping or some sort of buzz in the media.  In addition, men love them (women too) or they wouldn't be in the headlines.  For example, Chris Cuomo reported when the media reports "real" news, their ratings plummet but when it's celebrities, royalty and so on, their ratings sky rocket.  Why?  Because as long as people are talking about them, they will be in our face and I don't mind, it's life, they all have their day, and then the next best thing comes along.  That's media and we minions get bored ..... I looked up the 2010 Sexiest Woman according to Esquire.  Kudos, as she's very natural looking and it was so hard to find a bad photo of her.  There was one of her on the beach but is that fair and impartial? I admire that.  Many of the others weren't as non Victoria Secret-Beyonce-J.Alba.  They're seen as icons!
I found some celebrities and, "Guess what?"  They look like you and I!  They do!  In the photos I post, I went to Google images and found photos by searching for celebrities out and about.  I know it would be easier to search "celebrities without makeup" but that is cruel.  Those are made to look awful, they get the ones where the person is half blinking, or frowning all the worst so, to be fair I found everyday images.  Let's proceed, shall we?
Still pretty, but what do you think? Honestly?
I chose to find one with same hair colouring

Can't you see passing her in the mall?
 I love makeup but not because I am afraid to be seen without it or I think it makes me me.  I like the art of putting it on.  For me, it's so much easier to put makeup on other people.  I can see the whole face, I can manipulate my fingers and see if the left eye's crease is like the right one.  I learned makeup by putting it on others, then I liked the way they gawked at themselves in the mirror.  That's what enabled me to make friends living in different countries.  Imagine being black in Russia? Yeah, you have to have a way of making yourself not threatening because you stand out wherever you go.  Different story for a different day.
What's more, I enjoy playing with makeup to transform myself.  For instance, I would not wear the same makeup for daytime as I would for a evening cocktail party.  I may want to make myself emulate a pinup girl or make my eyes "pop" or appear bigger.
Failed at finding one bad pic of her even at the beach!

Let's get back to the blokes.  What image do you think these men are drooling over when they go on about how "hot" or "fine" and the sexual things they would do to (insert female celeb here). In your dreams!   Speaking of that, what image of "her" are they erm "making love" to themselves with?  Lad rags of course, which have the women in sexual poses, loads of makeup even if they don't there is so much Photoshop that's been done the woman is made to be perfect.  Looking at the photos I researched I find that these "babes" look just like you and me.  They are people under all the press, movies, posters, albums etc.  I dare a man to find these women half as sexy as they do you.  All of them look like everyday people you would see.  Don't get me wrong I see people who I have to do a double take at all the time.  My point is, men don't know what they like.  Behold....

They don't know what the fcuk they want!
They don't like women fat, skinny, smart, etc. heck do they know what they like?  Sure it varies, but ultimately, they just like us.  It may be our hair, scent, smile, laugh or the way they feel when we're with them. Of course they think you look beautiful without makeup.  Men don't understand makeup and most women they don't condone are people like Katie Price, Christina you get the idea.  All women look great fresh faced with their hair up or with that sexy bed head, but don't think for a minute men don't like makeup.  Sure it's a nuisance when it transfers, it's also not fun to have lip gloss all over, regardless of who you kiss, so I get their intent. But trust me when I say, you don't need to chuck your makeup over a man.  Don't change for anyone, but as many people who think we are "brainwashed" into hiding behind makeup, men are "brainwashed" into thinking they like "natural" women.  I found an interesting article here and even though the people look good before getting "shopped" you can clearly see the difference albeit slight, is what separates them from average Jane.
So glad to get that rant off my tiny flat chest.  I'm not hating on pretty people, nor do I think all men are dogs, but it had to be told.  I don't like men who dig in their pants, burp loudly or fart and laugh, but hey I'm not butt hurt
Stay Gorgeous,

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