Saturday, November 13, 2010

Reader Request: Sunscreen for DRY skin

Unfortunately, I forget this is an online blog and anyone can stumble across it.  I love that people read it; however, I don't promote this as I don't want to fail anyone.  That said, I received a response to my Sofina Lucent post about sun protection for oily skin. 
So, I did reflect on it and did some research on a few forums, I took that information to my dermatologist and she agreed on La Roche-Posay
Rather than stop there, I suckered a co-worker into trying this for six weeks.  I chose a woman of 23, with very dry, yet sensitive skin.  She was to apply this once in the morning because it claims "24 hour protection."
  • It's quite moisturising without being heavy or feeling greasy.
  • It does make the skin feel a bit more dewy and supple.
  • It's long lasting.
  • In evening photos there was a slight cast due to the SPF.
  • You will need an oil based cleanser to remove (may clog if not completely cleansed).
  • It's not readily available in all drugstores, this was in CVS.
Overall, I was very impressed with this and I would recommend this to those with dry skin who need sunscreen.  It doesn't have the awful scent that Shiseido has.  I like that it's not heavy and doesn't leave shine.  I used a blot sheet after application to test if there was traces of oil sitting on the top layer and the cream did penetrate the skin.  I feel the best method of application is right after cleansing.  The face is still moist and this can act as a moisturiser in place of one's regular; however, depending on skin type you may still need to add moisturizer first then apply this. 
I hope this helps, if not, I have a few others, but they didn't impress me in terms of how foundation applied afterwards.  Good luck!

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