Sunday, November 14, 2010

Product Review: Chanel Mat Lumiere

I have to confess I've got loads of products due to "bandwagoning."*

Definition of BANDWAGON*
1: a usually ornate and high wagon for a band of musicians especially in a circus parade
2: a popular party, faction, or cause that attracts growing support —often used in such phrases as jump on the bandwagon
3: a current or fashionable trend 

after six hours of wear

I've stated I am just like you.  I read glossies, watch telly, peruse forums, blogs and am trying to avoid YouTube.  So, I'm avoiding product purchase by reviewing the items I did purchase for review.  The products I have I buy, even for my kit.  They may be discounted, but I don't obtain products from any outside sources.  I do get testers whilst shopping, but with the enormous amount of makeup I feel gluttonous if I accept anything as I cannot think of one brand I don't have at least one thing from.  Please don't judge.  I donate to the shelters, I've tried to do giveaways (no one responded) and I have no little sisters and my colleagues either don't fancy makeup or they are in the same predicament.
I purchased Chanel Mat Lumiere in Walnut.  I kept watching the Chapman sisters rave about Vital Lumiere and felt I wanted to try this brand and when I enquired about oily/combo skin, Sam was kind enough to respond in kind stating Chanel do one for oily skin. 

It is supposed to offer 12 hour shine free medium coverage. While I did love the finish, and the look of my skin, I had oil within 4 hours.  I did blot my skin with a tissue twice, but I cannot say this worked for keeping my skin oil free.  I did experiment prior to posting the results.  I tried it one week without a primer.  Results? Still oily.  I tried one week with an oil free primer.  Still need for blotting.  I chose to double my water intake and use a mattifying suncream and was oily.  I don't think the product is to blame, rather the marketing.  Fortunately, Macy's will accept returns and I wrote my experience.  Do I feel it will work?  No, because marketing is what gets the company to sell products and most people won't take the time to give feedback, but instead not repurchase.

Overall, I won't recommend this for people expecting an oil free finish.  I do recommend this for the overall look of the product.  It goes on very smooth and it didn't feel heavy, nor was a nervous about touching my face and then having transference.  I wash my hands frequently, but nothing worse than giving a hug and having left makeup on the other person.  Additionally, it's steep in price and I find Revlon Color Stay equally good with more color options.  I hope this helps, and unfortunately, darker skinned lovelies outside of the US will have a harder time getting a good match. :(  Good luck!


ChrissyDee said...

Glad I didn't rush out and buy as I wouldn't have been able to return it! I do wonder whether they'll be so kind as to give me a sample though.

Did you use anything to set?

I'm all over the ColorStay. Though I have really oily skin I flit between the oily/combo formulation and the dry/normal one in winter and find both work pretty well but I do need to powder the crap out of my t-zone with the normal/dry one.

As ever, thanks for the honesty xx

The Beauty Thesis said...

Some days I did, but I wanted to see how the foundation wore without me disturbing it. It's good, but if you try a sample, you'll notice it's very, very similar. xo