Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rant: Makeup Forever

Dear Makeup Forever:

I'm so mad at MAKEUP FOREVER!  I feel like I've had a bad breakup...I haven't shut up about it, I bitched whined all week, and still no joy!
Back story:
I have been using Makeup Forever prior to the YouTube hype.  Back in early 2001, it was before the World Trade bombings though as I didn't have the same issues flying.  Anyway, I belonged to a plethora of makeup communities such as: livejournal, specktra, MUT, MM, myspace, MUA and more.  I heard about MUFE from them, but it was underground.  To be honest, I thought it to be a unicorn.  Remember when only a few people had Illamasqua.  Other artists were boycotting MAC, and this would be another alternative.  Like MAC, this was a line for artists in film, theatre and the like.  I couldn't get to MAC Pro often, Ben Nye took awhile to ship and the etailers came and went. forward to working a gig and using the products. *Rachel Zoe voice* I die! Since many of my clients had darker skin tones, it was difficult to find products as equal to MAC.  This product was amazing and I would have given my kit to start over and only use this line.  Imagine a candy store, but with makeup.  I researched the owner, and knew she was something when I found her to be from France. That's when I fell for this brand and have courted her ever since.
As years moved forward and I moved this was harder to get, but at that time, it was beginning to catch on and I'd find artists willing to CP for me.  Then came the YouTube community. Trade shows were no longer limited to artists, so loading up each year became a chore.
Fast forward to now.  Last year's IMATS was a mess! It was inundated with a different genre. People were getting into makeup due to videos and wanting to see, meet, idolize gurus.  As a result, I wasn't able to get my products but felt somewhat okay with what I had.  I accepted a gig about a month ago and was getting more clients.  I needed product, and had to have MUFE as I wasn't as confident with my Bobbi Brown as it can tend to get oily really fast.  I'm confident with MUFE because I've used it more.  Two weeks on I found where there was a method for Pros to get products.  I wasn't sold after reading their reviews on Yelp but hey, business is business so I place an order.  It took forever, as it sounded like the girl was distracted and the music was load.  Hmmm... I should have known when she hung up something was off.  I can't remember the last time I placed an order and never got any confirmation.  No e-mail, no invoice, no nothing!  I didn't even have the associates name.  I wait a week & call back it's ten to nine and no answer.  I call back the next day (yesterday) and find out my order had gone out the day before!  Are you fucking kidding me? How does that happen?  Seriously!
Next week is my dry run!  I always plan larger gigs down to
the second especially when I'm dealing with primadonnas.   I have no choice at this point but to go to MAC Pro.  Why didn't I follow my gut?  I could have ordered from Illamasqua, they have great service, but I wanted my first love.  We've been working together for a long time.  I had the cheek to call and see if it could be cancelled, but realized it was en route and would be up to 10 working days for $7.95 shipping! It gets worse better, the seemingly less daft sales assistant says I can order it again but pay for expedited shipping. Behold:

my thoughts too!

So, that's my pathetic story of how things ended between MUFE and I.  We had great times, I learned allot, but we have grown apart. I'm no longer choosing to remain loyal to one.  Variety is good in this industry, but in order to build trust and start and foster another lover, I must spend more time and get to know the product better.  I guess we both learned from this.  Morale of the story:  Sometimes you have to have a backup plan no matter how in you are. 

Stay Gorgeous,


ShimmerCoconut said...

Did you place an order at a MUFE store? Idk where you are located...there is no sephora? I remember MUFE from my high school days when no one but artists used it. I remembered being turned off by their products but I was too young for something like MUFE.Anyway the customer service you received was horrid.

The Beauty Thesis said...

ShimmerCoconut: Yes! I ordered from the boutique in NYC! Ugh, it happens, I'm less angry at MUFE, but at me. Oh well, it could have been worse, right?