Monday, November 15, 2010

Perfect Imperfections? Seriously?

So I'm in my "pontificating" mode.  I am an extremely deep thinker.  I think about everything.  I consider it a mixed blessing.  I can see both sides to an issue.  I don't strive to be right, rather seek first to understand.  I can admit when I'm wrong and mean it when I try to learn from it.  Unfortunately, if I'm thinking about something, it's not simple for me to have a yes or no, do or don't.  I've created the list of pros and cons, and even made visual aids to make simple decisions.  This post was one I feel passionate about, but fear the ramifications.  Lately, there's a tag on YouTube wherein people discuss their "perfect imperfections."  I know it's all in good fun, but part of me feels it's sort of crass.  The people doing these videos are gorgeous.  I know, "No one's perfect, we all have flaws, and it's good to know other people have insecurities." BLAH!  The initiator of the tag is absolutely gorgeous.  When I watched her video, I could not stop looking at how perfect she is.  What's more, the things she feels self conscious about (like 99.9% of the rest) aren't visible to the naked eye.  ONE guru I could relate to, sort of.  I felt like the ugly girl in primary school who overhears the "popular" girls going on about their "thunder thighs" whilst I stood there with obese tree trunks.  Again, the spirit of the tag is great, but I can't help but wonder what we simpletons should strive for?  I know the channels are from people whose primary purpose is beauty, fashion etc.  I could not help wondering how people who are dealing with depression, loss of a limb, or disfigurement would feel watching these girls.  Many would love to trade places with them in a heart beat.
I reckon the skeptic in me, didn't see this as fishing, but rather another cliquish think to generate "buzz" subs, and views.  As it is, I'm insignificant in their world.  Unless you have a channel, a blog with a huge following, or are bff's with someone in the "community" you're opinion isn't really respected.  They may view your response, but I would not hold my breathe expecting a reply.
"But...but... I have a billion subs, you can't expect..."  Really?  Those people are what got you there, but you have time to shop, vacation, tweet, blog, etc.  It's priorities!
No, let's not go there.  Now if you say, "Where's your channel?" I'll have more respect.  I don't have one because
  • It's all been done
  • I work, take care of my family, and go to university
  • I don't have a high def camera
  • I find it odd to talk at a camera
  • I'm not a upbeat, extrovert (go team) personality
  • I can't foresee an audience I would appeal to
Sure it's just the Internet, but I dunno.  It doesn't sit well with me.  I feel like something all in good fun may be seen as sensitive to some.  So, maybe not the disfigured, but the girl who is enduring puberty with the body changes, acne and growing teeth.  Her parents (ie Katy Perry) may not have the funds for Accutane and braces right now.  She has to make the best with what she has but..really? 
I don't mean to come across as judgmental, but I felt the need to say, "No one is perfect, but God."  We have flaws, and maybe their quirks.  I see them as character. 
Have a lovely day, believe in yourself! ♥


ChrissyDee said...

I'mma spotty faced fatass with stretch marks galore who would rather spend her money on makeup than get her hair cut by a hairdresser. I don't like to flaunt it but I don't make the biggest effort to hide it either. "Perfectly imperfect" is kind of stupid. No one is either whether they're self judging or not. I haven't watched any of these videos myself but have seen them in my subscription list. Not interested.

I'm really happy you're posting regularly xx

Sophie said...

if this was a facebook post, i'd like it :)
I really do agree with you x