Friday, November 12, 2010

Women: You are NEVER too old!

46 never looked better!
I am so frustrated with societal norms which generate the response, "She's too old to..."  It makes me cringe every time I hear that.  Seriously, why does it matter one's age when it comes to style?  When doing hair, it was the norm to tell women over thirty they should not let their hair grow past their shoulders.  It would "date" them and make them appear old.  WHAT?  I bought into it for awhile until I met a woman with long grey hair and she looked better than most women in their teens and twenties.  She was in her late sixties.  She brought a new and improved meaning to the phrase, "Silver Fox."
There are a lot of media forms where people are in the habit of posting people only to criticize them and tear them apart regardless of their age, race, etc.  It's gotten ridiculous how mean women have become to each other for no reason.  We see them on YouTube, television, or in magazines and become judge and jury over their every move.  I get that there are some b*tches and a$shholes out there but documenting one's every move and screen capping them for kicks?  I am reminded of a quote by whoever, "Those who anger you own you."  I'm not about to waste energy being bothered by another person's existence.  I'm selfish and life's too short.

I know, "Black don't crack"

50 & still hot!

I was really angry to read statements by WOMEN along the lines of "(Celebrity) is too old for that look!" or "(Celebrity) needs to wear age appropriate clothes, she looks ridiculous."
Ladies, we have it hard enough as it is.  Men seem to get a pass on their juvenile antics, but when women do something similar (Demi Moore ie Cougar) it becomes a negative. 
Don't get me wrong, a hideous outfit on a woman of ANY age is still hideous.  *marinate in that for a sec*  When you see someone "mature" in a mini skirt, Lucite shoes and a tube top, would it matter her age?  Of course not!
What's more, why the need to impart your belief on another's individuality?  You don't like tricolored hair?  Don't dye it.  Think tattoos are gross and piercings are trash? Yep, same thing.  But why would you want a world where everyone is the same?  I would hate to live with anyone else like me let alone dresses, acts, and thinks like me.  I love to be challenged, I like when people look different, and I'm inspired by many of the things I see other women wear.
Women have it bad enough as it is.  Unlike the majority of men, we are highly critical of ourselves.  We see something completely different in the world than what others see.  We cannot even accept a compliment without feeling arrogant. 
Please don't let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do because you're not 18-21 like many media cutoffs.  That's simply ageism and that's bloody ridiculous!  People who feel they are too old to change their:  occupation, have a child, travel, go back to college etc. have bought that notion and it's time to rethink and refocus on what you want in life. 
No words...
In closing, don't give me the excuse, "If I had that kind of money..."  I've seen women of various income levels preserve their beauty, and I'm not talking about the plastic, duck lips all over the telly.  I really don't see Helen Mirren spending hours on end in a gym or fitness center.  Whilst I do see a lot more fakery in society, *cough, wonder why, cough* not everyone is caving, there are still some of us who are natural but now we have to defend our God given traits because so many people are choosing to get a little bit of "work done."  Stop worrying about how others are living, live your best life!




Anonymous said...

I discovered your blog tonight, and have went through your different posts; quite impressive, keep up the good work. Love that you do a lot of the detective work and bring the realness back to beauty/fashion.


ChrissyDee said...

I'm so happy you're posting!

AGREED! My mum is in her mid 50's and looks 10x better than I do WITHOUT trying. She doesn't mess with her skin like I do, she's just happy with who she is and that's the most powerful thing in my opinion.

(Ugh...Helen's a babe)

Chrissy xx

The Beauty Thesis said...

It's awful how many expectations society puts on women, but to have women doing the same is quite sad. xo