Saturday, January 2, 2010

Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow Review

Revlon has been really impressive with their products of late; however, I have never been a huge fan of creme shadows.  I don't use them for anything other than a base.  I saw the new palettes when I purchased PhotoReady about a month ago.  They were $6.50 plus tax.  I always do the buy one get one free, seriously, this is drugstore, and we're in a recession.  So, I got both and didn't get round to swatching them until today.  I rarely swatch; however, I intend to so I can account for this huge mess of cosmetics which are taking over my house, it's gotta stop!
So, the colors are quite pigmented and not as greasy as their first bits.  I wouldn't dare wear them without a primer to prevent creasing and I would probably set with a powder shadow the same shade.  For .12 oz, I think you may hit pan on these.   I really love them!  The left is the Black Magic palette and the right is called Electric Pop.  I love the lime from Electric Pop, it's quite bright.  I thought the shade next to it would be white, but it's gold, and the blue is bright as well, but I'm not a blue person, and the black is lush! The other palette has a slate black, but I love the pink and the silver from that palette.  These were a great find, I'd recommend these if you don't have these colors.  The price is brilliant, and the color and payoff is great.  I think I'll reach for these a lot more than my others. 


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