Friday, January 1, 2010

HairOne Product Review

So, hanging around Sally's looking for acetone to get the New Year's Eve glitter off my nails (the only stuff that works) I saw this display for HairOne.  I thought it was for bikini wax or something because a) the display was near there and, b) the packaging.  The sales person came up and told me how great it was, blah, blah, blah.  I don't usually pay them any mind, as they are primarily useless, but they are just doing their job in trying to sell something for the day.  So, I listened to her mention something about this being a shampoo, conditioner, and deep conditioner all in one.  It was also on sale for $10.99 plus tax.  So, I picked the one for dry & damaged hair because it usually has more moisturizing properties.  It come's in a 12 oz bottle with a pump which is normally convenient.  The amount of pumps is listed and is based on the length of your hair.  I used this in the shower and started by wetting my hair first.  I applied the seven pumps evenly through my hair and didn't really notice any sort of change.  It wasn't as silky as my regular shampoo, but this didn't lather, and is quite a thick product.  That's sort of a drawback of the pump, the product is thick; therefore, it would be better if it had a cap or came in a tub.  HairOne is sulfate free and doesn't have any detergents or harsh chemicals.  At $10.99 for a 12-ounce pump bottle, HairOne is much more affordable. A 16-ounce bottle of Wen sells for about $28 on QVC and on Wen's estore.  If you've wanted to try Wen Cleansing Conditioners but are put off by the high price, try HairOne.  It's a great alternative and for those people who are into doing the pre-poo's between their regular hair regimen, this product is great.  I will repurchase this and also recommend this to others.

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