Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gro Afro Hair VERY Long!!!

It's too cold to do these pics, but there are so many unbelievers in the world.  Newsflash:  African girl grows her 4c hair (with chemicals) and defies her naysayers.  This is what I call my "trill talk" true and real.  I have never had long hair.  Yes, I went through a phase of wanting long hair.  But, I had it ingrained that "black hair doesn't grow."  Even white people believed black people hair grows to a certain length and stops.  Well, at that time, I hadn't known what I didn't know.  There were no forums, hair boards, and wealth of information like there is currently.  But, I promise you you can grow your hair to great "lengths" if you take care of your hair regardless of whether it is relaxed, natural, texlaxed, etc.  The rules:  You must be patient, you must be informed, you must learn YOUR hair, and you must have faith.  In the process of getting my hair to this length, I have been through many a sad day.  The last one was the day I took this photo, which was Sunday (wash day).  I wanted to shave it off and start over as a natural again. I miss having the fro, but what I remembered was, I didn't take the time for my hair in it's natural state.  It was a lot easier, but I got lazy.  There is a myth that natural hair is easier to care for than relaxed.  For me, that's false.  My natural hair may have been stronger, but it was a spiritual process and I had fewer people who supported my journey.  I could tell you how I had to wear a wig that looked like a hat on my head to my job and not one lawyer would take my case.  I could tell you I didn't get rude comments and the side eye at least twice a day.  People talked about me, my sexuality, my ... let's not give negative energy to the past and accept people are ignorant and when you don't know something, you use humor to hide your lack of understanding.  Well, the economy went on a free fall, I'd been terminated (there I said it) and needed a job so I texlaxed.  It was scary.  I felt bald, I thought I would open my eyes and have nothing on my head.  What's more, I had so much face!  Woah, who is that girl looking back at me.  Still have those days. 
So, here I am with my current waist length hair, and you know what?  I'm still the same me.  I don't get more dates, I don't feel more "black"  and I don't feel like I sold out either.  I feel like I learnt about my hair in one texture, and now know it in another.  I care for it, but there are still those days where I want to give up, but when those days happen, I post on the boards, write about makeup, watch something inspirational, THANK GOD for his mercy and continue to "do me."  I have had scalp burns, alopecia, psoriasis, burns from hot combs, flat irons, stress related hair loss and more, but let me encourage you to believe in yourself.  Hair is not who you are, but it's fun.  It's an accessory like everything else we don't need to survive, but I have learnt so much from so many strong women of ALL colors and I continue...that's my hairstory.

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