Sunday, January 10, 2010

Before You Toss It!

Cheap? Maybe.  Frugal? Abso*bl**dy*lutely!  have a habit of not just tossing out bottles of hair products.  If a conditioner doesn't suit my own hair, if it won't work for my dog (certain chemicals not compatible) then I will donate, swap, or use it on a weave, wig, whatever fake nest I choose to rock.  So this morning when I was slamming the bottle to get the last bits out, I decided to use my brain.  I took a pearing knife, and sliced the bottle in half and surprise!  No more banging, but enough product for two more uses.  Believe me when I say, I bang the bottles hard, in fact, I used to be so bad, I would add water and shake to ensure I got every penny out.  It's terrible that packaging for most cosmetics is so that we can't squeeze it out like toothpaste, but as you can see at the left, tons of product is still in tact even though I had shook what I could get out.  I can usually stick my finger and swirl it out, but this works better.  I suggest you use a knife you don't mind getting dull in time.  You can get one at the dollar stores or even a thrift store may have some nicer ones which won't go dull.  Good luck!


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