Monday, January 4, 2010

Wet n Wild Coloricon photos

Goodies I have yet to review, swatch and use from the holidays!  I cannot resist trying little things I find in drugstores, especially when they are 40% off!  I don't feel the pressure to swatch since this isn't a blog people read on the daily or at all, but I am loving the idea of having something to take pictures of, and it lets me see what I have.  Soon, I plan on taking pictures of my FOTDs because I've found putting makeup on others is so much easier than applying it to myself.  When you are looking at another's face, it's so much easier to see any uneveness and ensure placement is accurate; however, when I apply it on myself, I can't step back and look at what I've done.  Can't explain it,but it's a goal of mine.  The idea behind this so cool.  On the left side, there are three matte shadows and on the right, are the corresponding shadows in shimmers.  From top left going clockwise: Vanity, Greed, Pride and Lust.  They claim to be highly pigmented.  I hope I'm not disappointed, but with Rite Aid, they will accept returns.  Gotta love that, especially since mattes are typically chalky.  Swatches to come!

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