Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Packaging Tips

Hello Gorgeous,
Did you remember to tell yourself how lovely you are? Well, you are! Today, I am plowing through my makeup organization, and I found these lovely containers at one of those franchise dollar or 99 cents stores, but they came in a pack for less than a dollar and look what it does!
Whilst preparing to have one of my friends over, I was looking in the restroom (loo) and found that some of the products in the vanity were suspect. I am not intimate with anyone, but I do feel a twinge at the above products being on my counter. Granted, panthers are above that rubbish and all, but who wants to explain that milk of magnesia works as a mattifier/primer and anti-chaf is the equivalent of Smashbox's Photofinish primer? Not me, not today!
It's actually more pleasing to the eye for both parties and keeps conversations from turning awkward if you are, in fact, entertaining (ahem) someone you may be keen on from thinking your internal body is amuck. ;)
Today, I used a MAC shadestick for a base and the colors look dead sexy, but if only there was something to mask this wart/cyst from my monthly breakout. MEOW!!

Stay Beautiful,


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