Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Batting those Lashes

Well Felines,
I began a research project about one week ago and it's odd, but I am noticing a difference in the results already. If you recall, I purchased LiLash from observing statement from a wonderful YouTuber Lollipop26. Well, since I am very impressed by her research skills, insight, classiness and not to mention pure beauty, I decided to conduct my own research.
I am trying out two products, one on each eye and in six months, will post a video concluding the results about the project. I am using Enormous Lash on the right eye and LiLash on the left. I have been using LiLash for sometime and I must say in the short week I have used the Enormous Lash, I feel more impressed by the latter. I have to say my lashes are dead curly. One of my fears is my lashes will grow in a reverse curl and not outward. On the right side my lashes appear to be growing straighter and thicker, whereas the left is remaining so coiled I can't see signs of change. What's more I have been using the Enormous Lash less amount of time than I have LiLash. I am not starting with long lashes, my lashes are so short I don't have the zoom to capture what we're gauging. However, I am keeping a journal and by the six month time frame there should be some sort of fuzz where I blink. Happy Hump day Kittens, stay away from dirty Tom Cats out there.

Paws for the Cause,

Beauty Reigns

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Veronica said...

Have you tried Revitalash? I use it and love fab lashes now... plust they donate to the cancer fighting community... which is my favorite part... :)