Friday, January 16, 2009

Secret of the LBD!

Happy Friday and three day weekend for some felines. Well, today I had a consult with a woman wanting to go from Matron to Minx for a dinner party with her Tomcat hubby. I said my infamous broken record speech, "Beauty is only one part makeup, the rest is founded upon confidence, attitude and inner beauty..."
When you feel sexy you look sexy, there is not too much to add to the equation. The most important aspect is to wear something you feel good in. While a teeny, tiny lil black dress you starved all day to squeeze in to may look great initially, how are you going to feel after a drink? When you sit? Or, if you are to consume food and beverages? That look will transcend in your attitude for the evening, thus transcending into any picture taking, or conversations.
Also remember to wear something that is flattering for your body. What looks good on one doesn't work for the other. Don't be afraid to show off your assets and down play your flaws. If you have a nice waist show it off! If your legs are great but you have a bit of a tummy, wear a short dress with an umpire waist! You get the picture.
Lastly, you don't need to go bold on the makeup if you are selling the dress. Remember to keep the focal point the outfit and keep makeup to a minimum. Today I was working with a "cougar." She is married to a bloke 10 years her junior, but she kept thinking about the other kittens at the gathering. We settled on neutral face, and bold lips and her hair in a french twist to emphasize the lovely neck she has and if she works the dress properly, her husband will not leave her side all night, if they make it to the engagement. Wear your body well lovelies, you are beautiful and acceptable as you are.

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