Wednesday, January 7, 2009

For Kittens


Is it Wednesday? I can't keep track of days lately. For some odd reason, I am signing forms dated for the 9th which is Friday and I don't know what's going on with us, but this is not good.
I am focusing on something for beginners, so you kittens don't make the mistakes of many cougars (not dating wise):) but the addiction to buy more makeup becomes insidious. First of all the main colors are red, yellow, and blue. Any, color you grab is a combination of those core colors. The colors not included in the wheel are black and white, so realistically there are five. Do not be sucked into buying every newly released eyeshadow, rouge, lippie, et al. You WILL go bankrupt and you will have loads of makeup that you really don't need.
Always begin with knowing everything about your skin, your face shape, your style, and think of what you are going for. Do you want to emphasize one feature or are you going for the bold, eye catching and in your face look? It's all personal preference; however, start with a basic skin routine. Your skin is the foundation for every look you want to go for. I can't tell you how many times I see guru's pack on loads of makeup in an effort to cover their acne. I don't fault them, rather I want anyone who follows my suggestions, to know that your skin is with you always. Take care of it, and in my other posts I've stated ways to get your skin in order. Don't blame yourself for having temperamental or even cystic acne. It is a devil to deal with, save your money and find a dermatologist. Some products can make things worse, and your skin has it's own ph balance, level of irritation and can't be painted into a broad category. What works for some may not work for you and breakouts, like breakups are a part of life.
I posted an example of the Wales palette. Currently, people are buying from Coastal Scents or Beauties Factory on eBay. I was one of the first round YouTube subbies who bought the then popular Wales palettes. Currently, there is a 120 eyeshadow palette on eBay guru's and subbies alike are buying. Coastal Scents has been out of stock so, search eBay for 120 eyeshadow palette and "boom" you'll be inundated.
This is all you need to be on your journey to recreating the looks you see on YouTube, in magazines, etc.
I don't want to say what lipstick or foundations as those are a bit more hard to find all inclusive and non irritating based on skin and label preferences. Some prefer high end, some can go for drugstore, it's a matter of taste.
I hope this helps, but again, it's a guide and without knowing any of you cats personally, I cannot make a proper recommendation.

Happy Hunting,


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