Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bad Kitty :(

Hello KitKats!

I apologize profusely for my absence. I have been slacking. But, I have loads of news. I may actually be well, no more talk, I'll just put my money where my fangs are.
Yesterday, after work I went to the "hood" to get a new product for my mane. I have tried so many cosmetic products in general, it seems our economy should have some sort of respite. I guess it's not enough to save or bail anyone let alone myself out. I bought something for the tangles I get when I wash my hair. I almost pulled a Britney and shaved off my mane. Long hair is bl**dy expensive to care for and when you detangle in the shower (lovely visual n'est-ce pas) it's better for the mane, but I need an effective apparatus to capture the hair. It's ridiculous how long and arduous a task it is to comb one's mane. So, I cut an inch off after tossing what seemed like a pawful of hair. I hate that! MEOW!!! I could use that to make a wig!!! I was so frustrated to tears. I really thought I would be bald, and took the scissors and now my hair isn't waist length, but it's not as choppy.
So, I scoured product reviews and found this product you can only find in the hood and the alley cats are not friendly, so I dash in and out.
On my way home, I was obsessing about this product I bought for my eyelashes. I love, love, love wearing falsies. It helps my obsession with mascara (I tell myself) but it can't be good for the real lashes. Upon being Narcissus and staring in a mirror for hours, I concluded I needed lashes that look like falsies. Thanks mirror...so I purchased Enormous Lash. I am off the wagon on product "quick fixes" and $102.36 USD later, I have began another quest for natural lashes.
I took photos, and since I don't know how to do photoshop, those photos will never hit this site. I cannot believe how tired I look (wah!) I am talking hollows, not bags under the eyes and a boo boo face to boot! What is going on kittens? The Panther is looking wretched. With all the products I buy, I should be a knock out, but I'm looking haggard. Then again, I have on no makeup, but still. How do you all look so brill in your photos? Oh well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and my eyes are rather tired :)

Meow for now kitties,


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