Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lastest Obsession

Hey Cherubs:

It's amazing to me I have been in the makeup industry and am just hearing about camerareadycosmetics! The sight is owned and operated by Mary Erickson, a makeup artist located in Southern California. Mary has been such a blessing for me. I have placed several orders from her and have been impressed with how fast her shipping is, and how helpful she has been. For example, you know when a website has the "contact us" button and you ask a question with hopes to hear something back, but expecting nothing and if you're lucky you may get a reply that your message was received but then you never hear from them? Mary has been patient in answering all my questions, AND she even helps with product recommendations. I am so impressed. I know this blog is not popular, but I am not blogging for publicity so I get nothing by promoting this woman. My goal is to put out there that there are people who own business, who also work in the industry who are willing to help newcomers. This woman has an amazing portfolio, a resume one can only dream of, and a program for makeup artists looking for help getting into the field!
I am so excited to have found her link and other information so I can get as much information and useful tips as possible. The woman knows her stuff and she's dedicated to securing the sanctity of the makeup industry for all others. I can't tell you how many times I've contacted gurus, "high profile" makeup artists and bloggers and they don't take the time to acknowledge me under the guise of being too busy, too many subscribers, e-mails, etc. I completely understand, but how is it that someone who has more credentials, their own business and a store has the time to help me? Many of the top gurus were posting on forums AFTER me, and due to YouTube are now calling themselves "professional makeup artists" but have yet to work for a designer or a fashion show.
What's more, I ordered all my OCC lip tars from her site because the owner and CEO was a jerk to me at IMATS because he was too busy with the "gurus" and I mentioned my unhappiness about that. I am paying full price for the products from Mary rather than the discount because that is how much I enjoy her website, shipping and service.
If you are looking into becoming a makeup artist, want to buy great products such as Yaby, OCC, Face Atelier, and so many more, I strongly encourage you to go to her website. The lip tars were cheaper at IMATS, but it's worth it to me to support business owners who care about me as a customer. Again, I am not paid any compensation of any kind, (products, money, etc.) to write this, and my purpose of this blog is to try my best to not be all about me, pictures of me, etc. so thank you for reading.

Meow for now loves,


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