Saturday, July 25, 2009

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished?

I have had great success in getting rid of the makeup I purchased which has never been used. The duplicates were embarassing. I didn't blog about it but I was a bit down. I know one should blog for themselves; however, I wanted to help others. I can journal to get my own thoughts. BUT, what bothered me was I did RAOKs to people who don't follow this blog because I got zero responses from the half dozen or so followers. Somehow I thought at least one person would respond, and I would send them some of the makeup and hair products I haven't used.
Instead, I sent some to ladies on a forum about hair, and I could have gotten $300 or more on eBay; however, I sent it to random posters. Sadly, I don't know if they received the items or not. I don't want a thank you, I guess I hate not knowing if they received their gifts and if they, in fact, like them. It's been over a week, and nothing.
Incidently, I could not figure out why my bank account wasn't showing the money I earned from eBay via PayPal. I logged onto my account there and I guess the money sits there until you transfer it, so I did. $483.00 in a week for stuff I have siting around. I don't know what is wrong with me, but I haven't spent any of the money on anything and I don't feel motivated to. The country is in an economic crisis and I have money I don't want to spend. In addition, it's a Saturday and I've only been out with my dog and that is it.
I guess I think this blog may close, and I may simply begin a different journey. I don't want my blog to be for my benefit, it's to help others; however, if I'm not doing that, it serves me to establish another form of giving. In the items I sent out the past two days, I threw in full size product extras and that felt really good. I hope it makes them smile, I also added a thank you note.
When I took the dog out to potty we walked down to the post and there was a check for me from the state of California. I will add that to my RAOK account and maybe I can establish a fund for some organization I believe in.
I guess I need to learn not to take rejection personally. Life always has a plus though, I have 100% feedback as a seller on eBay so those items can go to a good home, but I am embarassed by the amount I still have. What was I thinking? Seriously, I have enough pigments to fill a land mine and these:

I have never even used other than to swatch because I'm trying to use up the shadesticks I have. Well, eBay and MakeupAlley here I come :)

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