Friday, July 17, 2009

Tarred and Feathered

I find the names quite funny, but here you have them. I use Tarred to deepen any shade, and feathered to lighten them. They work quite well being I used less than a drop to obtain these images and again, this is on a brown girl. I wanted to let some of my darker kittens see what the colors look like on our skintone. It appears most of the swatches, tutorials and posts about many cosmetics are shown on women who are fair to medium in skin tone. I guess the equivalent would be for women NC45 and darker.
What I did notice about these two of the lot, they are a bit more sheer in application than the others. I am using the same amount for each in order to maintain consistency in representing the final look. In other words, I didn't alter anything in the applications or tweak them in order to add or subtract emphasis.
Also, some of the applicators are doe foot and the other round similar to Carmex, and if I recall they will all be transitioning to the round applicators. If you don't fancy them, it's very easy to transfer them to containers and use a brush or spatula to scoop the product out.

Don't forget the midnight deadline!


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