Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Revenge is a dessert best served cold...

Happy Hump Day Cherubs!

It's been said hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but our Diva Mrs. Nick Cannon aka Mariah Carey is about to give Marshall Mathers a taste of his own medicine.
Mariah appeared as a man for her upcoming video to her hit "Obsessed," which is a response his slam at her and her husband.
If my memory serves me correct, since Eminem and Mariah's alleged romance years ago during his first divorce from his wife, the two have been taking their beef to the recording studios left and right. I guess it's a creative outlet for song/recording artists to express themselves much like drawing, painting, and other outlets people use to communicate.
I think she makes an interesting bloke to be honest. I didn't recognize her when I saw the photograph. The next thing I wondered was, "Who was the makeup artist responsible for the transformation?" Can you imagine having the talent to turn this:
to this:

That's some talent! Not saying the makeup artist who makes her look good daily isn't talented, but special fx is a different skill. You have to take something or someone and change it from one image to a completely different image and trick the eye using prosthetics and makeup. That can take hours and believe me, working on someone for even an hour gets tiring, with the touching up, retouching and making sure you've completed the "look."
Let's just hope these two learn that forgiveness is the only way to really let go of hurt, pain or negative feelings.

Meow for now kittens and tomcats!


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Deborah said...

wow. that is something SERIOUS!