Monday, July 6, 2009


I did it AGAIN! How many times have I told people to research, research, and do more research prior to making any purchases unless it's for something frivolous like a mocha, type of food or anything experimental which is of a small value? I got bitten by my product junkie desires, and low and behold have aquired another product that won't even tame my unruly eyebrows.
In my defense, it was my research which caused me to take the $43.95 plunge. I was bored on Sunday, and wanted to rock a new look for the week ahead. I went to makeupalley and did some research on products for chemically/color treated hair and there were two products which caught my eye. One I could not find anywhere and I looked high and low all over Northern California. Finally, I waved my white flag and settle on a product called "Enjoy." I think I had seen or heard about it before but with the volume of catalogues, magazines and forums I am exposed to, not to mention the "gurus" who are popping up en masse. This product had about a dozen reviews who all gave it five lippies! Impressive to find more than three product junkies who all agree about one product so I got bit and tried to ignore the wound. The anticipation hit an all time high on Sunday morning. Seriously, I located a store and had it before they even had time to fully open.
Well, I should have read more into the reviews rather than getting into the 100% rating. What type of hair, what length, texture, etc. Nope, the rating was all it took, and now I have this:

in my shower and it does nothing for my hair.
Pros: smells great, thick but not too thick in consistency, no sulphates, soft scent and is also good for skin.
Cons: price is a bit steep, doesn't detangle, doesn't have the "slip" my hair needs.
The lesson kittens, when you do your research, do it thoroughly and ALWAYS find out the store's return/exchange policy. Haste makes waste in my case.


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