Wednesday, July 15, 2009

OCC Lip Tars

Hello Kittens,
I apologize for the absence the past two posts, but my new gig is leaving me rather knackered and it's affecting me on social, spiritual and mental levels. I am learning a lot, I love what I do, but the hours can be long and the work is endless but I would not give it up especially in this economy.
I posted about my experience with Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics some posts back. I have been stagnant on posting pictures of the tars I received from Camera Ready Cosmetics. I bought several and the above is NSFW.
I know everyone is posting about these tars, but not many women of deeper skin tones have posted theirs so, for what it's worth I will be posting them and may even use them in various looks.
The tars run $12.50 which is not expensive if you look at the price of many drugstore products these days.
They are not tested on animals, go on smooth and dry to a satin finish. You don't need much product. In fact, if you use a drop as in a dropper (think eye drops) you will have too much. I find it easier to start with enough to cover a fine tip lip brush and then build up slowly from there.
The only product I can compare this to would be the UK based Illamasqua lip gloss. Those run $1.50 more and are not at Sephora until the 24th of this month.
There are no cons to this product but please don't use too much, and if you do, ensure you have a screw top container to transfer the product. You can also mix, store and blend in those and most craft stores carry them.


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