Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pinky and Blue Boy meet OCC

To your left please notice Pageant
To your right, say "hello" to RX
I was playing with my camera and had so much fun! I was doing swatches in a store and for some reason the sales assistant did not like me doing so. I'm not sure if she thought I was up to something nefarious; however, I could tell she wanted to ask questions but refrained.
I have to applaud the big name bloggers who have swatches of everything straight from the shelves. I have no one to blame but me, fear people will stare or think I'm shoplifting (common in retail especially cosmetics) has left me apprehensive to do more than make a purchase and leave. Shame it's gotten so bad that I rather not truly shop for makeup. I don't need more other than what I have but never the less, it would be nice.
I digress. I was playing with my "tars" and snapping away. It's funny taking your own photo. The ratio of good photos to bad would be 20:1 for me on a good day and that's not a full face.
The trick to taking a good photo really has to do with attitude and skill with your camera. Cameras are a tricky lot as they each have their own temperament. If you think about Paris "Queen Narcissist" Hilton, she does have a knack at being photogenic. Why? She never met a camera she didn't love. She loves being photographed and it shows in most her pics. Even the candid ones, she has her head slightly tilted with that come hither stare.
Well lovelies, that's all for now.


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