Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Apologies Cherubs

I didn't have anything about all things beauty today. Unfortunately, today was one of those lick your wounds in the forest days. I am really thinking a lot about some of the decisions I make, things, people, career, and other values I hold and wondering if they are, in fact, representative of my character.
I read a wonderful article in a beauty magazine and it was about the "New Narcissist" and it forced me to think about all the superficial things I engage in such as: beauty blogs, beauty forums, makeup, hair, Youtube makeup tutorials by so called "gurus" and the social networks of Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace and it all seems so fake. I want to encourage others to love themselves, but not at the price of exploitation. I am dedicated to this blog and it will always be about positive encouragement and inner beauty, but it's really true that the line between beauty in ugly is very, very fine.
In addition, I have been reading about social injustices, and it really left me with a bit of a challenge to post about beauty today, but not to worry, I will be back with more for my lovely felines and tom cats.


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