Friday, April 3, 2009

Conditioner Face Off

Hey Lovers,

I am really excited to try out Sebastian's Penetraitt reconstructor. I have been using Nexxus' Emergencee for as long as I can remember and I think that's more than 15 years. I tried and still use Aphogee, but something about Emergencee has me addicted and I would say it's my holy grail, since it has repaired so many of the disasters I have put it through (relaxers, balding, shedding, breakage, coloring, bleaching, etc.) and it ALWAYS whips my hair back in shape. I can honestly say my hair would not be waist length if Emergencee was not in my rotation.

Unfortunately Nexxus is no longer considered a professional line, per my research and calls to many salons and retailers. I have been given a host of products to use in lieu of Emergencee and if tonight does not bode well, I will try them.

I looked at a few forums, read reviews and decided to go with Sebastian's Penetraitt. It's supposed to be comparable, meaning some like it more than Emergencee and others less, but tonight will tell. I'm doing a touch up and I always follow that with Emergencee. I don't relax as often as I used to, but I have stretched my hair until the point I know is demarcation. Shout out to Ateya for being able to go beyond 16 weeks. Check her out at here and you'll see what healthy hair looks like. Not that my hair is not healthy, but I don't have a video. You can look at my post with my hair straight out of the shower for reference :)

I am aware Emergencee still exists under a new formulation and name, but it has more water in it, and to be honest, I don't like that it's not considered professional. Why start professional and then not? I understand not all professional products are good and that many drugstore/beauty supply store products work as well or better, but something is not making sense to me. I go with my gut when it comes to my hair. If you are legit and go unlegit, are you absolving yourself of responsibility of your products reputation? Because I'm not natural, I know I have to up my game that much more to have healthy hair, and as a result, I have to be cautious about what goes on my head as much as what's in it.

I will report back my initial findings and post my time tested, B.P. approved products next week. This weekend? A few makeovers and an audition, plus the quest for a new church...will it ever end.

Stay beautiful and thank you so much for subscribing. If you want a contest, please leave me a comment.



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