Monday, April 13, 2009

UANS Crema Plus Intensive Reconstructor

Hi Kittens,

Hope your Easter Sunday was well. I took off from blogging in preparation for Good Friday and the Resurrection. It didn't seem right to go on about how beauty obsessed I am when it's not about me?
Well, I wrote about my search for a replacement product for Emergencee by Nexxus (details on that to come) and Sebastian's Penetraitt did not impress me. The only product I have tried which can claim the same results has been Aphogee's. I was really disappointed in that the consistency is not comparable at all, one is a cream the other is a liquid gel type substance which leaves a film. The film is what work for my hair, as it has the "slip" my hair needs to detangle without breakage.
In my quest, I found more reviews on UAN's Crema Plus Intensive Reconstructor, UANS is Urban Attitude Natural Science and you can read about the product here. I ordered the 32oz size (stupid since it may not work) and even though I ordered it a week ago, it won't arrive until tomorrow :( I got sucked in by DR Brooklyn's review on YouTube initially, then I researched on three other forums and decided to take the next step. It's supposed to be a miracle comparable to voodoo when it comes to detangling hair and that is the only item missing from my arsenal. The longer the hair, the more it detangles. But for those of you who do have hair you have to wrestle with, shampoo in the shower and always lather from the top down. Don't shampoo like in commercials with all your hair on top of your head, that is too much manipulation and creates tangles. Use a shampoo that has a conditioning agent like Keracare or Creme of Nature. Detangle hair with conditioner applied and begin from the tips working up. Take your time, add more conditioner if necessary and use a wide tooth comb. After detangling, apply a deep conditioner from root to tip, put on a plastic shower cap and sit under a dryer and read a book, do your nails, or whatever. I usually leave my conditioner on for longer, but that's what my hair requires. When I'm done, I rinse in the shower and towel blot excess water and apply moisturizer and oil to seal and wrap it, and that's my routine.

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