Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Shu Uemura Summer 2009

Hey Gorgeous Ones,

I can't claim to be the Shu Expert, but I do love their Summer 2009 Pink Collection! I am sick with love for all things pink. I don't know if I was dropped on my head or got struck by pink lightning but it's a sickness. I wear black so often people think I'm in mourning, and I can't not select the color black when picking out clothes or shoes, but items such as trinkets, packaging, containers, etc. I gravitate to pink. Even my tooth brush and razor is pink by choice. I was happy when I saw Shu Uemura's site and saw all the pink! I know they get a lot of love on makeupalley but to be honest, Shu is a bit too steep for my pink wallet, but as an artist, it's nice to know what brand is "recommending" for the season. Do I follow trends? Sometimes, but I like to look at face charts or tips and tricks so that I keep my game up and it's good when your in the industry to know how certain looks were achieved for all skin tones.


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