Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Illamasqua Spring/Summer 2009

Hello Cherubs:

I didn't want to wait until tomorrow for this post. I'm on a roll with certain brands and I am loving Illamasqua and am awaiting a response to find out when and where they will be rolling out their line. They are currently under contract with Selfridges and only in the U.K. and Ireland I believe; however, they do have plans for coming to America in late 2009 :(

In true Illamsqua style, unlike the bright looks of other brands, they are going with a Siren theme with lots of golds, taupes, bronze and other sumptuous shades, they are, however including aquamarines which is consistent with the mainstream. I wish I could get my paws on these products, but don't worry the Black Panther will definitely work to make it happen and report back. In fact, before people were posting on YouTube I blogged about this line but....alas we wait. To see more of the collection, kindly click here to view and drool for yourselves.

Meow for now felines,


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