Thursday, April 16, 2009

Aveeno's Hair Care Line

Happy Thursday,
I was running about doing my usual errands and the true beauty junkie I am, cannot get near any health products without sauntering to the cosmetics, hair or other beauty products.
I went to Walmart to get toiletries to clean my bathroom. List in hand, went directly to the cleaning agents.
Unfortunately for me, I found this stuff! Why? I don't understand myself at all. Why can't I go into a store and walk out with the items I went to purchase? I can go to any store and find myself in health, beauty, cosmetics, hair, you name it. It's way out of control. I have sworn off makeup sites, only to log on to find out what's new. Today, I wanted to find out if Rose Romance was on MAC so I could find out if it was released online a week early.
Fortunately, I have my tried and tested hair regimen down to a science and won't need to purchase anything for hair unless it's for conditioning washes. If anyone has tried this brand, let me know how you like it!


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