Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Friday's OOTD and Day #1

Friday already?  Who am I kidding, this week has been a long time coming. I am starting something new and this will be my accountability once a week, perhaps.  I have been struggling with getting in shape.  I am not calling myself fat, but there is room for improvement.  I'm not one of those silly gits who say, "I'm so fat..." fishing for compliments.  I do have loads of concerns about my eating habits and nutrition.  I think I read about "You are what you eat."  It's true, when I eat crap, I feel like crap, and when I eat healthy it shows.  Unfortunately, I have to admit to bandwagoning.  I have tried every diet from A-Z, Atkins to Zone, but I am so lazy and this is not good.  I should not be winded when trying to do cardio, but I am.  My behind is absolutely big, but it doesn't need to be flabby.  I could have serious problems, but overtime, if one doesn't take care of their insides, overtime health issues can occur.  I don't want to start getting healthy, when I get a negative report from my medical practioner.  That's when your body is screaming "notice me!" So, I'm going to continue with increasing my water intake, walking (whatever), and begin some sort of program on Sparks People because it's self paced.  When I tried Julian from the fit clubs program, I was dead within five minutes!  I know that diabetes, high blood pressure and other health issues run amuck in my family so I need to incorporate a healthy diet so it becomes routine.  I don't want to do anything drastic, but I think it would behoove me to eat more fruits, vegetables, and less complex carbohydrates.  I think it would be good to adopt a fitness program such as dance, yoga, spinning, or cycling and make it part of my lifestyle.  It always feels good when I do it, but I get intimidated, frustrated, and eventually quit because I compare myself to others.  Not a good idea, so today is day one, and it's all about water, and veggies.  I'll still eat junk, but I live on junk.  I eat more processed foods than the city of New York and that's so sad. I'm asking for problems.  I hope if you are reading this and you need someone to encourage you to get healthy, happy, and in shape, drop me a line.  It's easier to do and find ways to stay motivated and reward yourself.  Cheers!

 (the shoes were 15.00 USD at Ross!)

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