Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Horse Treatment for Human Hair?

I don't know what to think about this product, but I'm giving it a try.  Why?  Because I am a product junkie and I like to experiment with products. 
I first heard of this product on one of my hair boards several years ago, but I was really not interested.  First, I had tried the Mane n Tail product line, and it didn't impress me, and secondly, it's for horses!  I don't like to put things on my hair that I don't know how my body will react.  I have quite sensitive skin, and I've had my share of eczema and don't wish to revisit that. 
This product is sold near me for $37.00 USD!  If you are interested in the 16 oz bottle, I suggest trying here for a lot less.  The price has gone up over the past several years and it may be do to the huge market for hair products which will grow hair.
I'm on day one of this, and I have not cut my hair and it's approximately waist length.  I'm going to do journal the progress of this over the course of six months and review it for: amount of hair growth, shedding, strength, elasticity, thickness and texture. 
I have read some reviews by other users who have reported both good and not so good results.  I think it depends on everyone's individual hair and how it's taken care of.  I am going to remain with my current regimen of how I protect my hair, what I eat, my nutrition and supplements for accuracy.  I won't be adding anything different.  Can't wait to let you know what happens and post photos as I go.


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