Friday, February 12, 2010

Making an Outfit Work-Curvy Girls Unite

Ugh!  I hate being one of those girls who can't take pictures to save their life.  I look at all these beautiful women on all these forums who look like they should be at New York Fashion Week or on the arm of some of these surreal looking men/women in the movies.  Well, I have to get over it and accept myself flaws and all.  So, I don't get to wear jeans, but we do dress casual, meaning we don't have to do the suits, etc.  So, I've had these red boots and wondered what I could pair them with that wouldn't look ridiculous. Granted, to some my whole style is ridiculous but I thought I'd give it a go with a leopard print dress I got moons ago.  It's not a dress I would recommend for girls who are stick thin, and have the "ruler" shape, nor an apple because it's not quite forgiving and the material hugs a bit like a bandage if you don't wear the right undergarments like support hoisery. It worked okay, and I'm not feeling too insecure wearing it, but I think I'll keep this to casual Fridays and keep the black blazer on standby.