Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Product Review: Urban Decay "Eden"

When the Alice in Wonderland palette was released, I wrote endlessly about my love of the folktale.  Now that mother is in advanced stages of a terminal illness, I reflect on things from when I was young.  The first book I was able to read from cover to cover was Alice in Wonderland.  Even the cartoon was impressive to me, moreso than Cinderella and the others.  I admit the Cheshire cat freaked me out for a long time but this film has given me carte blanche to make purchases I would not permit myself to do.  Makeup should be an investment and I've streamlined/curbed my spending and enthusiasm greatly.  I did purchase the palette, and chose to give the new primer potion "Eden" a shot.  Primers have a purpose for me.  I need them. Primers prevent my shadows from creasing, and bases help the color to "pop" or can make the difference when an unpigmented color happens. 
Eden is opaque just like the original; however, this has a yellow tint.  Think of Benefit's Lemon-Aid that doesn't crease.  It goes on smooth and dries matte.  The original went on smooth, but my skin would look ashen or grey upon drying.  It worked for preventing creasing, BUT it would make shadows more difficult to blend, especially mattes.  Eden doesn't crease, and doesn't give me problems blending mattes.  I don't have the two bottles in order to compare the ingredients; however,  you can find detailed information here for current prices, locations, etc.
I did try it as a concealer for redness....that did not work well.  It will give dark skin a HUGE cast under the eyes.  Think Nicole Kidman and Taraji P. Hensen with camera flash.  Yes, which is why there is no photo of me with this.  "Why did you take the photo in flash then?"  Because that is the best way to determine if you will look a hot mess when you get photos back.  Anyone can look cute without the flash, but if an item will embarass you in a picture, one needs to know prior to placing it.  In real life, you can't tell and it does make the foundation go on smooth, but it's not worth trying with a flash or at "the club."

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