Sunday, February 7, 2010

Make Up For Ever Flash Palette Dupe?

I have been in lust with the 12 color flash palette from MUFE's line of products.  I love all of their products; but, we are in a recession and I'm working on focusing on what I have.  It's a struggle everyday, but I am not a professional blogger so my goal is not to sell products since I buy everything I have and this is not my living.  I'm also trying to reduce the amount of products I have which are near hoarding amounts.  So, when I found this little number for $6.00 at Urban Outfitters, I was happy and curious.  I've read that the MUFE one doesn't dry and creases a lot so it's best to not expect it to remain in place for long periods.  So, the price was brilliant, I've just swatched the colors and they are not as emollient.  That can be good or bad, but for my use, that's a plus.  This is going to be a base, not primer for colors which I wish to make pop with my less than stellar eyeshadows which lack pigmentation.  There is a bright yellow, fuschia/berry, white, robin egg blue, gold, granny smith green, silver, blue, coral and black.  Great diversity for mixing and creating different colors.  In addition, it dries to a powder.  It's not as smooth as the MUFE but it's probably due to the lack of mineral oil.  I can't give it a complete review in terms of endurance since it's been an hour; however, you cannot go wrong by trying since it's a fraction of the cost of the other and wears a lot longer.  If I don't post I'll forget since I'm prone to being scattered in terms of product reviews.  Not that I don't care, but my swatches look like graffiti compared to some of the blogs
I enjoy!

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