Monday, February 1, 2010

GaGa for the Lady!

So we've all seen the photos from last night's Grammy Awards.  To me it was a great lesson.  When you watch the
Oscar's, you see fashion, when it comes to the Grammy's it's more about style and shock.  Most people don't know the difference between fashion and style.  Often the words are used interchangeably which is really confusing.  So, here's my take.  Fashion is all about trends.  If you go to fashion week, you will see debuts for upcoming "trends."  Don't expect the looks to stay, they are fluid and ever changing.  Style is, to me, something that is individual and like a fingerprint.  Your style is something which reflects you.  How you dress, the clothes you like, and how you wear them.  You can put two people in the same outfit and it won't make it a fashion "success" often one is a hit the other a miss.  Why? Because the attitude, accessories, and manner of which the individual wears the clothes.  I digress this post is not about fashion although I wonder if those heels are from McQueen.
A lot of people wonder what I mean when I say wear your hair in a protective style.  A lot of women have presumed I meant, heat protectant.  Well, sure, but that's not exactly correct.  Last night Lady GaGa wore a protective style.  Look close right  here ! See the outline of her face?  That's a front lace wig or a lace wig.  You can see the outline around her hairline.  If you do it right, you can make it look less obvious.  This is a great protective style for those who have the time, money and dedication to invest in their hair over the course of giving the hair a rest.  There are a plethora of protective styles which will aid in getting the hair healthy whilst taking time away from the heat, manipulation and learning to care for your hair's health.  I've missed writing here, but the Haiti earthquake was something that I needed to give and work on lately. 

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