Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the Wall Who's the Vanity "Fairest"...

I saw this on my Yahoo page and was feeling ambivalent.  I've grown up knowing that no matter how many, lip, ass, breast implants, the tanning, and the weaves, white will always be the "preferred" race even when it is emulating black.  Sure, we can adopt refugees from Haiti, Africa and other non Eurpean countries, but as long as your phenotype is lilly white, you will get preferential treatment in the media.  It's sad but true.  If a white woman has a fit she's "stressed" but if a black woman does the same, she's ghetto, hood, etc.  Now look at the girls VF has selected for their Hollywood 2010 feature.  The only thing dark is the hair on three of the nine actresses.  No Zoe, no Freida, no color. Black, Asian, Middle Eastern, et al; not one honorable mention.  It looks like a scene from Scarlet O'Hara but at least they had a black maid!  What's more, these ladies aren't even near the talent of Streisand, Lange, Mirren aka the real white Hollywood.  Seriously, I get that I'm just a girl who writes and my opinion doesn't matter, but I AM society!  I am the person who pays for their films, their music, they are marketing to my demographic and it's bad enough many of the adverts don't have foundations which represent women of all colors fair and dark equally, but now in 2010, I'm told that Hollywood is white, thin, rich and it doesn't matter whether you can act or sing because if you are cute we can market you and manufacture your style if necessary.  Shame on Vanity Fair and anyone who tries to tell me, "it's no big deal they have a right to put whoever they want on their magazine."  Well, guess what, I have gone to school, college, watched films, been taught etc, everything white my whole life, and until your world is where you have ALWAYS been a minority, you lose the right to tell me differently.  Especially when I see men who are livin the urban life, but would never wife a sister.  This was not something I planned to write about, but it's my job, my passion to take a stand about things that society says are wrong in an attempt to sell a facade which doesn't exist.  Women come in all sizes, shapes and colors, unlike the ads and commercial (L'Oreal) where we are all light, thin and aesthetically pleasing. 


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Anonymous said...

Most are young actresses but they need to know that they also have the power to make a difference. Any one of them could have boycotted or demanded that there be more diversity reflected.