Tuesday, February 2, 2010

LUSH ~ The Power of Marketing

So, I finally succame to the LUSH hype.  It was bound to happen.  If you watch YouTube tutorials on anything beauty related, ableit hair, makeup, skin, fashion, etc., you are bound to come across LUSH .  That's just the way it is, I don't know if people are sponsored or if they purchase it on their own, but it seems to be a cult fave among a lot of people out there.
I clicked the link to find a location near me and went to "check it out."  The first time I went was after Christmas during the sale where  you could buy one get one, or buy one and get two items for free.
I wasn't overwhelmed by the smell, I was underwhelmed by the set up.  It looks like a grocery store with soap and not vegetables.  They have various sections for hair, bath, and shower supplies.  I told the associate I don't take baths, and prefer things for the shower.  The options for showers are limited to gels and bars of soap.  Again, I walked around picking up various items and read the description and then looked at the ingredients and had a sniff.  Some scents are great, others are ... just okay.  I didn't like the sales assistant following me around because I'm quite the shopper.  I don't really impulse buys, and I don't like being sold.  I found two items and received no samples :(  Not a problem.  I knew what I wanted, because I read the newsletter, which I highly recommend for first time lushes or newbies.  The reason is, there are so many products, and they will do demos and promise you the soaps will give you everything short of an orgasm.  Real Talk!
The pros:  It's a fun store, if you like to play with soap and smell different scents, it's great.  They also list all ingredients so, while some soaps have no sulfates, you may find the really sudsy type like "Snowy Fairy" to irritate or dry your skin due to the sulfates.
The cons:  RIPOFF!  Seriously, you can go to Bath & Body, The Body Shop, and find better deals.  I'll even go as far as to include Victoria's Secret.  So, you say, "But they don't have bath bars or bath bombs!"  Yes they do, they just don't have them the size of softballs with pieces of candy, fruit, etc. attached.  It's also way OVERPRICED!  Seriously, I got a piece of Honey I Washed the Kids for nearly $10 USD and it came wrapped like deli meat, and because of the lack of soft water, it lasted a week.  Seriously, if people are buying this stuff in droves, they ought to be living in their bath. 
Overall, I'd not recommend this product unless you want to wash your money down the drain.  I went and found similar items at Ross and Marshall's for 1/20 of the price AND they had more moisturising ingredients than LUSH.  I'm not a fan, but I admire their marketing skills.  They are there with MAC on how to market.  Who would believe that a bath/shower would be so expensive?


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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but you've never found anything like LUSH at Marshalls or Ross. Lush's scents are one-of-a-kind, and for those of us with a sophisticated sense of smell, these unique fragrances are worth paying top dollar for.

Their skincare and haircare products are also very unique, and they work better than anything I've ever found. That's the thing about Lush that inspires such devotion: you pick up a face mask, and not only is it the best-smelling, freshest, and most fun to use face mask you've ever tried, it also WORKS better than anything else on the market. The products are, quite simply, amazing.

For those who aren't into Lush fragrances, you might not understand what the big deal is. If you poke around the shop a bit more, though, you might find a few incredible products that will solve one of your skincare problems. My husband is devoted to their shaving cream because it's the best he's ever used; my mom loves the Buffy body butter because it leaves her skin soft. And if you're still not in love with Lush, that's fine...but please don't compare it to cut-rate items you find in the bargain bins at Marshalls!