Monday, March 15, 2010

Best Eyebrow Tutorial Ever!

Maybe not the best, but this promises to be informative and if nothing else, this will at least make you think.  There are many things thrown out on the web these days.  Many times I hear "there are no rules in makeup..." Really?  Well I want to dissect and refute a huge trend when it comes to eyebrow shaping.  I have seen and read tutorials like this one that give really bad information on how to shape and fill brows. 
Eyebrows have made a comeback and the look is bold and not thin.  I am happy about that, but that's because I've battled the "bush brows" for years.  I can grow eyebrows the minute they are waxed.  It's not fun always having to block my brows because the hairs are forming overnight.  Well, the problem I have is, people are giving out one-size-fits-all information on tweezing.  Not everyone has a narrow nose, so those of us with wider noses, cannot follow those instructions by placing an instrument at the end of our nose and following the ___° angle format.  If so, my eyebrows would start near my pupill and end by my ear.  I exaggerate, but for some this is valid.  If this is the case for you or your client (makeup artists) please try the diagram posted above.  I took a picture of Aaliyah, who had really great eyebrows, so it seemed like a great example since I am on lunch and cannot take my own photo and use me as an example.  Plus, I had an immense facination with her face and eyebrows.  I am someone who obsesses over brows in a sick way.  I digress.  I used the same "rules" but rather than use the end of her nose as a starting base, I used the side of her nostril to demonstrate the "right" way (see the right) and the traditional way on the other.  I felt compelled to show an example of how certain "rules" don't fit the this-is-how-you-do-your-brows-to-get-the-perfect... which is flooding YouTube, blogs and forums right now.  We, as a society, get something passed down and run with it.  Another thing?  Unless you have no eyebrows whatsoever, don't use those "templates" which run in a kit for about $75.00!!!! Please don't do that.  Our face shapes vary and some of those are far too wide for those with petite faces.  I don't care that your favorite guru, makeup artist, etc. did a tutorial, reviewed them and they were brilliant, that does not mean they will suit you.  Think about it, you put something across your face, fill it in and then what?  Does your brow fit?  Mine didn't?  Do you have thin straight brows?  If so, how are you going to account for the color by number art project on your forehead?  I strongly suggest if you choose to go that route, at least buy the one's made by Ardell first.  What's more, maybe you can create your own by using similar supplies at a craft store.  Hope this has helped.


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