Monday, March 8, 2010

Makeup Brushes go High Definition!

I love a good find, but I love a good inexpensive find even more.  I have an addiction to brushes almost as much as I do eyeshadow.  The Walmart stores in my town have all been undergoing a remodel of some sort.  This means clearance!  I find almost all of my regular, low priced items, at close out prices.  It's easier for the store to get rid of their stock than have their employees move them.  Win-win situation ftw!  I saw these brushes which are approximately $6.95 at the highest, and was a bit curious since it has a whole wall which will be dedicated to makeup application tools.  These brushes are gimmicky, as I don't know that I brush can give high definition application.  The individual would really have to blend like their hair is on fire in order to get a high def result.  What I love is how incredibly soft these brushes are.  They are softer than any brush I have, and are almost too soft if you wish to pack on color.  I haven't washed them, but the company who makes this brand is affiliated with Ecotools, which also was on sale, including the limited edition Alicia Silverstone set.  I highly recommend you run to your nearest drugstore and test this brush. I see videos, blogs and giveaways in this products future!


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