Sunday, March 14, 2010

Black Hair CAN Grow!

I wish I had a dollar for everytime I heard a person say that Afro textured hair doesn't grow.  It's 2010 and guess what?  Afro textured hair grows, and will continue to do so if you take proper care of it.  I have never had long hair.  My mum didn't really know how to care for my hair, and she didn't have the time to deal with it.  So, I thought I knew everything and took the wheel and anihiliated my hair for the longest.  The key to growing any texture of hair is knowing how to care for your own hair. I cannot tell you how many bandwagon products I jumped on.  They had great reviews, were all the talk on forums and/or YouTube but for me they were usually epic "fail" for me.  So, I have an arsenal of products I call my holy grails, a few essentials, and some items, I'm experimenting with.  The experiments are not because I don't have faith in my holy grails, but Creme of Nature was epic until I found KeraCare for dry itchy scalp (tingles) as was Motions CPR until Avlon and Nexxus had things which worked better.  It's difficult to let go, but the results have been learning to get products in the event my currents are either discontinued or reformulated or simply because the type of products on the market are improving (i.e. sulphate free).  In addition, don't think people who are not your ethnicity can't have products that will suit you.  Products marketed for Afro textured hair don't always equal success for me, just as many products for European/Caucasian hair work quite well.  It's all about trial and error.  Support helps also.  I am in a hide your locks, no trim in 2010 but I may have to quit because I need to cut six inches of old tired relaxed ends off.  I did buy some products from a hair trade show, and will give my 2 cents.  I can usually tell first try how a product will work for me, but I try not to give a rave review until really testing a product for some time.  To be continued...

              (awaiting testing)

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